About Us 

It is being said that the universe was made using the tools just like what the music is made of, balance and harmony.  Close To death Recordings is about art and music. Our site can be a source of music like complicated rhythms accompanied with an unearthly tones,  unearthly harmonic beauty, transcendental, sublimely beautiful, angelic,  exquisite harmonies,  celestial choir of angels, atone so sublimely perfect, heavenly, joyous and beat-less melody, Music of the Spheres,  an orchestra of voices, mystical tones, celestial symphony, music that go beyond all thought, harmonic perfection, glorious tones and rhythms as well as melodies, bells and wind chimes, deeper and more insightful than new age music. This is music that likes on the level of beyond hearing. It is a kind of music that you experience from within.  It comes out naturally from within, from the very core of the soul. Think of common or universal wavelengths that enclose you totally.   

However, Close To death Recordings is not just only a source of music and art, we can also be your source of significant information. As we also tackle and discuss any issues our world is facing today, so if you’re looking for tips, strategies or any basic information you need on your daily life, we got that covered for you.  This site is well managed by a team of professionals yearning to be of great help as possible. Our goal is to provide a very straightforward and detailed information to our readers.