Replacement Window Glass

Can I Just Get A Replacement Window Glass? 

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Most homeowners spend much on energy efficient triple pane. But what if the one gets broken? Natural disasters, temperature fluctuations, human error and many others, these are just some of the reasons a window could break. When starring at your broken window, you might start to wonder whether you just replace the glass of your window or consider replacing the whole window. Read below for some thought that might contribute to your decision. 

Replacement Window Glass


This depends on the situation and you have many options for replacing window glass. Like for instance, if the pane of the glass is cracked, a window contractor can only replace the broken pane then replacing it with an IGU or insulated glass unit. There are a number of options for replacement glass. However, your window will be performing its best if you will consider replacing the broken pane with same type of glass. 

With insulated glass replacement, broken pane will be detached and the frame will be cleaned up then IGU popped in and sealed in place. With weathers tripping or caulking to block drafts, by this your window will become good as new with just a fraction of the cost of the replacement window. 

When you are in a tight budget, you have the option to remove and replace the broken glass only but it’s a little tricky. If you need a special glass, you will need to order it from a manufacturer. 

If your windows are still under warranty and something went wrong, contact the manufacturer first before replacing the broken glass. When replacing the Insulated unit of your window on your own, you could unintentionally void its warranty.  


There are situation that it is best to just replace the entire window. It will cost more but there are times that your window is not worth saving, check the examples below. 

If the seal on the window has failed, is best that you replace the window. Although defogging services exist, this is just a quick fix but the problem will still occur until the window is replaced. If you see a condensation in between the pane of glass, then it’s a sign that the seal is broken. That is the reason why your glass appears to be foggy.

If the dividers in the window is broken, it is best to replace the entire window also and not just the glass. 

With wood windows, it should be replaced if the wood frame is beginning to rot. Even as some rot can be patched, too much rot could compromise the window’s integrity. Windows replacement companies recommend that it should be replaced with wood windows that also match the historic character of a home which could be the best thing to preserve the value of your home. 

For instance, if your windows in near in the end of its lifespan, if they are in need of replacement in three years, replace them when a glass is broken might.

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